Alta Seeds Hybrids Show Tolerance to Sugarcane Aphid Pressure

AMARILLO, Texas – July 27, 2015 – Alta Seeds, the premium seed brand of Advanta Seeds, announces three of its grain sorghum hybrids have proven tolerant to the sugarcane aphid pest.

Third-party testing conducted by the Agricultural Research Division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Stillwater, Okla., confirmed that three Alta Seeds sorghum hybrids, AG1201, AG1203 and AG1301, exhibit a high-level of genetic tolerance to sugarcane aphids.

The hybrid evaluations were conducted using Tx2783, a known aphid-tolerant sorghum cultivar, in comparison to the Alta Seeds hybrids. All three Alta Seeds hybrids showed similar or superior tolerance to the check line.

“Hybrid selection is the first line of defense against sugarcane aphid yield loss,” says Travis Kidd, Advanta Seeds technical development manager. “Selecting the right seed is an important step in any grower’s Integrated Pest Management program. The three Alta Seeds products that have proven tolerant to sugarcane aphids would be an excellent choice for anyone planting in areas where that pest could be an issue.”

Alta Seeds provides growers with the latest technology and advanced genetics in grain and forage sorghum. For more information about Alta Seeds and its wide portfolio of sorghum products, visit or call 877-806-7333.

About Alta Seeds

Alta Seeds is a brand of Advanta. Advanta is a global seed business that combines proprietary crop genetics and plant breeding capabilities with biotechnology to produce high-quality seed products and solutions for its customers around the world. Advanta is a member of the UPL group of companies.