Alta Seeds Promotion Offers Forage Growers Additional Savings

AMARILLO, Texas -March 6, 2014 -Planting forage sorghum can save growers money in a number of ways, but a new promotion from Alta Seeds is increasing the savings. Growers can now benefit from lower input costs and improved water efficiency while taking advantage of an offer for a free bag of seed. For a limited time, growers may receive one free bag of forage seed with the brachytic dwarf.

“We’re so confident in the performance of our brachytic forages that we are willing to offer one free bag to all of our customers so they can discover how well it performs,” says Barry Lubbers, Alta Seeds director of sales. “Compared to corn, our brachytic BMR-6 forages offer significant cost savings, high nutritional value, drought tolerance and versatile options for planting and harvest.”

Forages with the brachytic dwarf trait yield well with high leaf-to-stalk ratios, multiple tillering stalks and superior standability. Brachytic forages average 6 feet in height and produce a denser plant than traditional sorghums because the leaf spacing is more compact. The brachytic dwarf plant structure alleviates lodging issues without sacrificing yield.

“The high water-use efficiencies of sorghum make it an ideal choice for irrigated or dryland planting,” says Lubbers. “Growing forage sorghum requires up to 40 percent less water and considerably less fertilizer than corn while sorghum seed is much more affordable.”

Growers can receive the offer for the free bag of brachytic forage seed through their local Alta Seeds retailer or by contacting Alta Seeds directly at 877-806-7333. The offer is valid until May 1, 2014.

Alta Seeds provides U.S. growers with the latest technology and advanced genetics in grain and forage sorghum. The Alta Seeds product line-up is selected from the vast germplasm resources of Advanta, an international leader in the research, development, production and sales of sorghum. For more information visit:

Contact: Barry Lubbers, Alta Seeds – (806) 622-9010
Adam Buckallew, Duff Dynamic Marketing – (816) 891-8845

Photos available upon request.

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