Alta Seeds to Launch First Herbicide Tolerant Sorghum Hybrids in 2016

AMARILLO, Texas, August 1, 2014 – Alta Seeds, the premium brand of Advanta, a leading international supplier of proprietary crop genetics, will demonstrate the first herbicide tolerant sorghum hybrids in their 2014 trials in Hereford, Texas. The first grain sorghum hybrids with this trait will be introduced commercially by Alta Seeds in 2016. Herbicide tolerant grain sorghum will give growers greater ability to control yield-limiting grassy weeds, a key crop for areas with limited rainfall.

This advance in non-genetically modified (non-GMO) sorghum genetics was developed under a joint agreement of Advanta with DuPont Crop Protection to commercialize the DuPont™ Inzen™ Z herbicide-tolerance sorghum trait.

“Commercialization of herbicide tolerant sorghum will provide growers with numerous benefits,” says Steve Ligon, North America business director for Advanta. “Post-emergent grass control will allow for greater yields, profitability and convenience. We’re adding the Inzen™ Z herbicide-tolerance trait to our premium Alta Seeds hybrids to deliver a valuable combination of top-yielding sorghum genetics with the latest breeding advancements. This is one of many technologies we are developing to enhance performance of our genetics.”

“This partnership addresses an urgent market need,” says James Hay, regional director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection. “Today, annual grass weeds reduce U.S. sorghum yields by approximately 20 percent. The Inzen™ Z herbicide-tolerance trait offers the potential to stem those losses by providing more effective control of key grass weeds, including foxtail, barnyardgrass, crabgrass and Texas panicum, with convenient over-the-top Zest™ herbicide application.”

Advanta and DuPont Crop Protection are working closely with regulatory agencies and local seed and crop protection teams to develop a product stewardship plan for the new seed trait. “Stewardship will be critical to maintaining trait sustainability,” says Ligon. “We are working with representatives from all sorghum stakeholder groups to ensure the proper education and best management practices are in place prior to the launch of our herbicide tolerant hybrids.”

Advanta sorghum hybrids come from the industry’s largest germplasm pool, including 50 years of breeding and research from its US legacy companies. This allows the Alta Seeds brand to deliver the latest in sorghum advancements within proven genetics. In addition to herbicide tolerance, Alta Seeds offers a wide array of unique forage sorghum hybrids enhanced with the following traits: brachytic dwarf, brown midrib, dry stalk, male sterile and photoperiod sensitive.

Alta Seeds provides growers with the latest technology and advanced genetics in grain and forage sorghum. The Alta Seeds product line-up is selected from the vast germplasm resources of Advanta, an international leader in the research, development, production and sales of sorghum. For more information about Alta Seeds and its wide portfolio of sorghum products, visit or call 877-806-7333.

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About Alta Seeds

Alta Seeds is a brand of Advanta. Advanta is a global seed business that combines proprietary crop genetics and plant breeding capabilities with biotechnology to produce high-quality seed products and solutions for its customers around the world. Advanta is a member of the UPL group of companies.