Take weed control to the next level

With growing demand for sorghum, growers need advanced technology to help improve crop production and maintain a better return on their investments. That’s why we’ve developed igrowth, the world’s first commercial herbicide-tolerant technology for sorghum. igrowth sorghum contains a proprietary non-GMO imidazolinone tolerance technology, which allows farmers to spray a companion imidazolinone herbicide from UPL (currently under EPA review) for pre- or post-emergence control over broadleaf and grass weeds without causing damage to the crop.

When paired with the companion imidazolinone herbicide, igrowth technology helps reduce the water and nutrients that weeds use allowing more for the target sorghum crop. Alta Seeds has a number of sorghum hybrids to choose from, allowing you to select the igrowth sorghum hybrid that best suits your locale and growing practices, providing a cleaner, more profitable harvest.

Word is spreading! Here is a small sampling of media coverage of our U.S. launch of igrowth:

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