Alta Seeds has 10 red, bronze, cream and white grain sorghum hybrids with traits to achieve high yields in a variety of conditions. Recent trial data from University Extension Research Centers and other third party resources confirm Alta Seeds is a leader in sorghum.

Among the elite performers was Alta Seeds AG1203, a medium-early bronze grain sorghum with strong standability and sugarcane aphid tolerance. This hybrid delivered outstanding yield for maturity in Parsons, KS and Garden City, KS. AG3101 placed first in both Belleville, KS and Hereford, TX, recording yields above 140 bushels per acre in both trials. AG3201 achieved trial-topping performance in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, finishing first in Apache, OK and Goodwell, OK. AG1301, AG1401, AG2103 and AG2015 also displayed superior performance with impressive yields in comparison tests.

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